Summit SuperSeries

Entry Fees

$45.00 Buy In
$30.00 Buy back after first round only

$35.00 Buy In
$20.00 Buy back after first round only

$20.00 Buy In
$10.00 Buy back after first round only

To enter Lonestar Points Race there will be a $20.00 one-time fee for the season.

Open Time Trials

Summit Points awarded on 1st tech card only.


ALL payout are contingent on a 32 car field. If less than 32 entrants, payouts will be 80% of original payout amounts.

Winner: $800
Runner Up: $300

Winner: $700
Runner Up: $300
Semi: $100

Winner: 70% of entry fee
Runner Up: 30% of entry fee

Rain Outs

Should a race be canceled for any reason before tech cards are sold, Lonestar will attempt to reschedule at some point later in the season.

If bracket race is canceled because of weather, technical difficulties, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the race director before the first round of elimination is completed, rain checks will be issued and tech cards will be applied for the next scheduled bracket race.

If bracket race is cancelled because of weather, technical difficulties or for any other reason deemed necessary by the race director after the first round of elimination has been completed, then the race will be finished at Lonestar’s next regularly scheduled test & tune event.

• All bracket races will be run on the 1/8 mile format.

Test N Tune Events

• All Jackpot & Street stock races will be run on the 1/8 mile format.
• Rain checks will be issued if track has been opened for less than two hours.
• If track has been open for 2 or more hours no rain checks will be issued.

Summit Series Points Standing

Jr Dragster

Alexis Swartz4034145
Justin Hutto411X125
Kenneth Swartz402983
Dalton Pate437X72
Jasmine Nelson490X30

Mod ET

Billy JanousekQX34232
Devin BelluominiL234183
Jay Robinson9X46162
Jason Patterson4X6Q140
Rick MortimerMX97130
Robert PennPX02123
Lance Barela4494100
Mike CoxPX5293
Michael MacheL39090
Raland Wray4x5590
Jackie Hibbard4X0090
Robert Ewell4XSE90
Kari GarbsLX1790
Robert BarkleyKX4590
Ronnie FoleyVX1180
Roger ArchulettaA46580
David Toon9X6770
Bob DormoisWX8660
Rickey NelsonLX9550
Dewayne League4X2D50
Caleb GreissmanL23250
Mike Hale6X5030
Daniel AlvarezAX7520
Debbie Tallent4XDT20
Greg Hurst694210
Ricky Schmoker1X1110

Top ET

Charles Skinner4X5C235
Robert Farlow4723213
Michael Mathews4X43120
Keith Barrett4X9K120
Paul Holman4X14120
Robert GarbsLX84100
Dewayne League4X2D93
Jay Robinson8X4690
Leroy O'BryantSX8590
Jeff Bodish1X5380
Creigh Lidiak4X6180
Ricky Kay4X3060
Jack Robinson4X0750
Robert Ewell4XRE50
Terry League4X0130
Kevin Picha413430
Ricky Schmoker1X1120
Brenda Kay4X2920
Bart Nelson4X3V10

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